Ship Captain or Fighter Pilot

I was reading a few blogs about cars and driving and it got me thinking. Why am I a good driver? Sure I was trained with EVOC (police driving) and commercial driving too, but the first time I sat behind the wheel of a bus, I rocked the training coarse like I was born behind the wheel.

The same with cars, I could power-slide instinctively almost.(Ok granted, Im far better doing it with old cars than these new light cars). So what did I do? Is it purely talent?

Yes, a little but passion was the driving force. Get it? I remember when I was little, I wouldnt walk around. I’d be “driving” and in my head I’d picture myself burning rubbing. So I got the practice of reacting quickly. Try walking while pretending to drive, on rush hour Manhattan sidewalks. People pop out just like morons cut you off on the road.

But that wasn’t the only thing I did. I watched TV like any other kid.But not just any TV shows

The Rockford Files with James Garner (rest in piece, buddy) is the one singular show that taught a generation about power-slides, J-turns, pursuit driving and all those fancy maneuvers. Thats the fighter pilot style of driving.

So I watched the physics of how a car moves. What happens when the tail kicks out, and how the driver counter-steered. It all was being absorbed by my brain.DCF 1.0

But what about size? A car can whip around quick but when speed isn’t key, and fitting is critical, then what? That’s the ship captain.

Sure I drive some big boats too, but I’m going back to the bus thing. They’re long so your nose may cross over the yellow line on a right turn while your back back wheels brush against the curb.

So, the end of all this? All this TV watching and pretend driving? It led me to drive pretty well. Sure I had some crashes (although never with a bus). You can’t prevent being rear ended sometimes (nowhere to pull forward quick). Or if your car is subject to a recall and your steering locks up right when a moron cuts in front of you and breaks quickly…brace for impact!

So, read along, hope you get a kick out of this. I may turn this into a weekly deal, talking about cars, driving…whatever. I may be a scifi writer now, but cars will be in my life (and even in my novels hehe)

So drive on, readers.

Signed, Somebody that has been pulled over and pulled people over.


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