Honorable Mention

You say you are the best,
Number one, atop a trophy,
Beating on your chest,
Mighty screams, so much glory.

Diplomas on your wall,
Laurels rest your head, I’m sorry,
How dare I have the gall,
To judge one so harsh, I know thee.

You’re no first,
You’re no second,
Honorable Mention!

All winners on the left,
Scholars, flakes of snow on the right,Oh tell me something then,
Who then is the wost, no insight?

You tell me that it’s me,
That I’m not the one in your club,Only your thoughts that count,
Too bad your thoughts are merely crud.

You’re no first,
You’re no second,Honorable Mention!

Oh where have you gone? Where are you now? Great classic minds of long before.

Dark ages upon us,
With smartphones facebook devices,
Def dumb and blind you laugh,
Addicted, small minded vices.

So participate now,
Get your degrees mighty and high,Generational joke,
Vampire zombies you all die.

You’re no third,
You’re no fourth,
Dishonorable Mention!

I know where you’ve gone. I know where you are. Hiding in the past, and in the future, great classic minds.


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