Self Driving Cars…Again

So I was reading yet another article about self driving cars. That lead to others and others and I can safely lump all of them into two categories. Not for me, never gonna happen. It’s inevitable you troglodytes, they’re safer and more efficient. So rather than say what I think in the same ol’ manner. […]

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De-wormed, in a Herd

I got my computer clear of the virus and was debating on coming back here or not. Clearly I’m posting here again but for how long, well, that is a matter of sheer luck. No, this isn’t about issues like success of gathering followers or what not. This is about life and death. Am I […]

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I was hit with one of these on my idiotic “smart phone” and now on a computer that only goes to three sites, (weather, wordpress, and a professional site that I won’t mention) The weak link being wordpress. It gives you a warning, that your hard drive will be deleted unless you call some number. […]

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We live in interesting times. Not fun, but interesting. The politics, and populism that is rising in the U.S. as well as other countries is only a reflection of another problem, a large, almost plague-like affliction. Problem solving. I have been helping somebody work on their book, not fiction, but one revolving around this author’s […]

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I was going to skip writing for a while (since it seems that I only get views the day I post something, and makes me wonder if it’s deliberate, to generate more ad exposure) but reading the news, I noticed something. Well, I noticed this a while ago, and today is just got me angry. […]

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Some Math and Physics Jokes

A hydrogen atom ran to his mom crying. “Mom, I lost my electron!” “Are you pozitive?” “No, Im a proton!”   Sodium and Chloride finally tie the knot and marry, “Honey, I lost your electron,” said Chrolide “Are you still in love with me?” “I’m neutral.”   A photon was speeding on the highway when […]

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Publishing Woes

I get the feeling that everyone that has a blog, or reads a blog is trying to sell a book. People that don’t read blogs are people that read books, and well…buy said books. That’s a whole different topic. So most of you are putting something out. And some of you are trying to do […]

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