Publishing Woes

I get the feeling that everyone that has a blog, or reads a blog is trying to sell a book. People that don’t read blogs are people that read books, and well…buy said books. That’s a whole different topic. So most of you are putting something out. And some of you are trying to do […]

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Advertising-The Digital Plague

We all encounter it. We all despise it, but before I go into what you can do to immunize yourself against this deadly plague, I need to go over a few things. Some facts that we may have forgotten or overlook. Advertizing used to be great! Not in the entertaining aspect on television, but as […]

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On Creating Alien Species

Whats the number one problem in most sci-fi novels (or more notably in TV or movies)? That’s right. Aliens that look pretty much human, or look like an insect or a slug or something that we have on our rocky planet. Sure, in TV it’s difficult, especially if you think in terms of Star Trek […]

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Metal Mentality

If you were into heavy metal…err…wait. Nobody was into heavy metal. Either you ARE or never really were. It’s just the way metal works. And I’ll explain in a bit. Back in the day, you were hell bent for leather, either riding on two wheels or four wheels of fire. You were a manowar or […]

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Digital Dark Age

I was going to post something about today’s inauguration and transition of power, but instead, I was hit with a terrifying reality and even worse realization. The internet age is the most perverse and controlling media form of all time. Even compared to dictatorships and total censorship, the internet today does the unthinkable. It presents […]

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Lost Art of the Debate

This will be a short one. Or maybe a question, but how does one debate with a person with no willingness to entertain an idea, with their own believes firmly entrenched, and thoroughly preconceived? How do you convey an experience without being called a liar? It’s true that a person that from the get go, […]

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Anti Inspiration

You suck. You can’t do whatever it is you do, even with all the hard work in the world. You just never will reach those lofty goals. I bet you read lots of inspirational stuff, uplifting musing, do your morning yoga and have a bran muffin. Pozitive thoughts, kindness and all that jazz, so why […]

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