I was going to skip writing for a while (since it seems that I only get views the day I post something, and makes me wonder if it’s deliberate, to generate more ad exposure) but reading the news, I noticed something.

Well, I noticed this a while ago, and today is just got me angry.


This site has them, and pretty much most sites do. They are most important though, in news articles, because as the reader you can gauge the news article as being made up or not simply by browsing through those comments. Sure some are way out there, but more information is always better in determining the truth.

Youtube videos sometimes block comments, to avoid online arguments with no solution. Great. It’s their right as private people.

But so called news organizations? They are in the public eye and therefor don’t have that freedom. Or at least shouldn’t. It’s these so called news articles or editorials (read: I can write anything I was as my opinion, even if I saw the Earth is flat, because i believe it is) that lack comments sections.

I just read one of the most ridiculous articles ever on the daily beast (I lack capital letters on purpose) and of course no comments. They don’t want a reader to feel they are not alone in scratching their heads wondering “What the hell did I just read?” or “Are they serious?”

So I don’t bother reading articles that have no comments sections. Sometimes I get click baited into opening the link, but before reading, I scroll to the bottom to see any comments. If nothing, then I close the link. If it says it does but that’s another clickbait to something else? Then I boycott the advertisers.

The so called media doesn’t care what it puts in print because the ad money keeps coming in. So hit the ad companies. Recent boycotts have been effective (especially when a company decides to alienate a large chunk of their clientele). So if news articles try to pull these quick ones, to either sway you and keep you separated from millions of other readers, hit the advertized products.

Signed, Somebody that ended up with a short list of what is ok to buy


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