Some Math and Physics Jokes

A hydrogen atom ran to his mom crying.
“Mom, I lost my electron!”
“Are you pozitive?”
“No, Im a proton!”


Sodium and Chloride finally tie the knot and marry,
“Honey, I lost your electron,” said Chrolide “Are you still in love with me?”
“I’m neutral.”


A photon was speeding on the highway when it struck an electron at rest. The remains were scattered after the collision.


“Does this make me look fat?” Water asked her boyfriend, trying on the tiniest neutron.
“No baby, just heavy.”

How does a planet keep food from decaying?
It keep the centripetal and centrifugal forces equal.


Meanwhile in Quark’s Bar
“Hey baby, you’re a real beauty!”
“Aren’t you all charm.”
“Leave her alone, she’s actually down.”
“Shut up! Both of you are strange!”


“Take my word for it,” said the axiom


Geometry was cheating on her husband with Calculus Tuesdays, and Algebra Thursdays. Statistics, the husband, realizing something was probably wrong came back early every day. He only caught Calculus, because Algebra is discrete.


Signed, Somebody with too much time


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