Publishing Woes

I get the feeling that everyone that has a blog, or reads a blog is trying to sell a book. People that don’t read blogs are people that read books, and well…buy said books. That’s a whole different topic.

So most of you are putting something out. And some of you are trying to do it with as little money as possible. If you’re like me, its not by choice. I may have a bunch of cars and a bunch of car parts piling around my apartment, but if you knew how much I spent on them, you’d call me a liar. But that’s another topic once again.

I spend what I can, and when it comes to the cover, I created my own. Because I can, first of foremost. If I sucked at graphics, I would have eaten less and scrounged the money up somehow. But I made a really good cover design.

So what’s the problem?

The publisher (self publishing one of course) can’t get the colors right. They can’t get transparencies right. They can’t even get contrasts right, so as it stands right now, my cover is a big black blob where you can make out the first and last letters of the title and my name. Not good at all.

So I ask for the layered image, because sending them things over and over just to get a “final” copy that’s still bad is not going anywhere. Do I get that layered png or whatever? Nope.

So, I’m asking myself (rather cynically) is it even possible to get what you want, done. Is this some scheme the big publishers set up so they don’t get competition from self published authors? A bad cover means no sales, and it’s not costing the self publishers a dime. And no matter what kind of bad reviews they may have, there will be dozens, hundreds, thousands if not millions of aspiring writers willing to put something out…just to add “author” to their resume.

Probably, my next book will be printed at staples and sold on craigslist…Just because I’m tired of dealing with incompetence and a complete lack of willingness to get the job done, on time, on budget and by the set requirements.

Signed, Somebody that constantly curses the whole process.

P.S. I was going to put up an image, but keeping with the trend of bad covers or no covers done properly…this one has no image.


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