Advertising-The Digital Plague

We all encounter it. We all despise it, but before I go into what you can do to immunize yourself against this deadly plague, I need to go over a few things. Some facts that we may have forgotten or overlook.

Advertizing used to be great! Not in the entertaining aspect on television, but as far as conveying information of a new product for which there may be a genuine need. Such as a dish washing machine (imagine the first time that came out!) or a sale for a new car that you were already planning on getting in the near future (buy it a month earlier or later to get the rebates!)

Those are good ads.

But, sadly most, and I mean the vast “most” are toxic.

You google something and for the next month all you get in your email, facebooks, tweeters or whatever are ads about…”sewing machines”. It doesn’t matter that I was looking it up to study its group structure (abstract algebra groups), now Im flooded with needles, thread and hobby stuff…And I dont sew at all!

Or back to the car thing. I knew what car I wanted. I knew more about the damn thing, options, factory codes, materials used etc, more than the salesman. I wanted to figure out, if I wanted this color with this option versus that color with this other doohickey. I buy the car, and whattya know…ads for that model pop up for months after.

Then there’s youtube. Skip, then unable to skip, then the video in the middle.

All of this is annoying but you might say its how things are free to watch, right?

Sure, but the virus was born. These ads are not like the ads within the live recording of Ralph Kramden on the Honeymooners. No, these are targeted, and they need info to hit their mark.

And thats the hunger that will never be satisfied. Your data, data mining, that leads to BIG DATA.

This so called industry is bigger than oil, auto, steel combined. Google is solely funded by ads. Amazon makes money off them too. Facebook the same…that’s a lot of money (just think of the stock prices) tied in up advertizing.

And like I mentioned with my examples, they are off most of the time. I have NEVER come across an ads and thought “Wow, I actually need that and didn’t know it existed!”

Nope. So this means, they have to perfect algorithms, and so do hackers and scammers and criminals. Why today, I got no less than 20 calls from a wide range of states that I never have visited. No, I don’t know anyone in Utah either.

So, now, my cellphone is compromised. Yes, do not call is active but do scammers care? Why do they do this? They don’t call to get one credit card. Would you call a million numbers until ONE person gave in? You’re better of working for Burger King.

They sell the data they find, active numbers, gender of who picks up, more than once? Kids in the background? All these things that are just through the audio, not to mention whatever apps that track where you are, and what you are most likely doing.

Now who wants to know all this? A scammer? What is a scammer going to do with that info? If you guessed sell it to the bigguns, you got it. Google wont care where the data comes from, and there is hardly any meaningful regulation on this, not when you can change this or that (think of the pointless blockchain in bitcoins).

So this is only going to get worse. But my question is, where is the end? What is the end goal? Has anyone at google thought about this? Do they care?

This has the potential to kill economies, when and entire GDP is advertizing, and that is the holy grail of business…

Talk about being enslaved to machines. I imagined they would be somewhat sentient, but not some primitive algorithms that will control our lives and tell us when to wipe our rears after we defecate…oh wait, there wont be anyone to make toilet paper because everyone will be making the ads for the tp…just the ads.

Signed, Somebody that just smashed their so called smart phone to bits…and it was good!

(imagine of unknown original, reposted on too many websites for proper credit, but it fits)


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