Metal Mentality

If you were into heavy metal…err…wait. Nobody was into heavy metal. Either you ARE or never really were. It’s just the way metal works. And I’ll explain in a bit.

Back in the day, you were hell bent for leather, either riding on two wheels or four wheels of fire. You were a manowar or an iron maiden and it reflected in everything you did.

NO! If you are thinking about hair spray and make-up and spandex, that is not metal. Sure some bands had some good tunes (Ratt, Cinderalla, Def Leppard) but they didn’t have a boiling metal heart.

Metal is about perfection. Not just doing your best, but doing your best, and conquering your foes, your fears. Metal means playing that instrument, even if it may not be a guitar, with virtue and skill. Some of you, army of immortals had to cut your locks short, or hang up your leather. But in you still have the beating heart of steel.

All we are, is all we need!

Metal doesn’t apologize. Metal doesn’t back down. Sure that means we are often stubborn, and head strong, but we think. The lyrics aren’t trendy love songs. We do have our love songs, a pleasure slave here head over heels there. But for the most part, we sing along about a handful of pain and a brutal planet.

This is how I live my life. I have known many a silent victory as well as a crash and burn or two. And it takes seemingly forever failure just to be as the man on the silver mountain.

Patriotism, pride in our own, brotherhood and sisterhood are our values. We know the system has failed, but we fight for freedom. Sometimes with a big gun, sometimes with individual thought patterns.

Our politics are the same. We do not hide it, nor feel shame for it. With swords in the wind, we offer our support and protect our own. And those that oppose us? We are the gods of second chance. We will have the great debate, but if they are beyond all reason well then…

We will let them be. We have that inner control and discipline that stems from either mastering that guitar, or studying the lyrics, their meaning, exposing us to so many philosophies, history, morality in battle, even the mathematics of music theory. So we can smile when some spout another lie.

If that isn’t enough, if we are coerced, forced to comply and think alike with them? Then we will resist and bite back.If we are killed by death, so be it. But we will be back in control of our own destiny.

So crank it up, since all men play on 10, and feel the power! Glory to the brave, because maybe I, maybe you will bite the bullet and reach the gates of Valhalla, but the double seven thirty four with it!

So next time you are in a fight, or an argument, play that metal in your head, and show them a fearless smile and crush ’em!

Signed, I’m not a stranger, I’m just from the other side.

P.S. Let see if you can name the songs and the bands…I made it easy, next one will be tougher.



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