Digital Dark Age

I was going to post something about today’s inauguration and transition of power, but instead, I was hit with a terrifying reality and even worse realization.

The internet age is the most perverse and controlling media form of all time. Even compared to dictatorships and total censorship, the internet today does the unthinkable. It presents itself as the beautiful open realm of thought and idea, when in reality it far from anything ideal.

This started with concerns over my upcoming novel. Although I think I should my never-to-be-published novel. I am close to pulling the plug on it, at least with this publisher. I read dozens of reviews and legitimate complaints about sales not posting, revenue being stolen and even a few cases of outright plagiarism.

How is it possible that somebody’s novel, the title and all that’s included can show up under a different author’s name? Don’t they have software to check against that kind of thing?

Sure they do.

But they only use it to check against things where they hold the copyright. If you or I own it, then we can go eff ourselves.

The same with blogs and such. We are “told” of likes, repostings and so on, but in the end we can’t trust the people who hold the reigns. They only care to promote their ideas, and silence the rest.

And guess what, this post is no different. It will be silenced, just like everything that falls outside of the global marketing interest, the ugly beast that wants money and only money.

I’d rather deal with plague and hoards of invaders, because back then if you had an idea, you could convey it. And sure people might not listen, just as they don’t listen today, but at least you could see who was listening. Today we are lied to. We are lied about who likes this, or who reads that.

Only after we die and the copyright somehow ends up in some bloody corporate pocket, only then our message may be heard.

Only if the message is allowed by the masters.

Signed, Somebody that was going to publish, but no longer.


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