Lost Art of the Debate

This will be a short one. Or maybe a question, but how does one debate with a person with no willingness to entertain an idea, with their own believes firmly entrenched, and thoroughly preconceived?

How do you convey an experience without being called a liar? It’s true that a person that from the get go, accuses you of lying only does so because their own arguments are based on lies, when they need a strong point. Logic and reason fails them. Drawing a conclusion fails them.

But why? Why is it so hard to say “I’m wrong?” or why is it seemingly impossible to have a discussion where one can put aside their own convictions?

These are questions that most of the great minds in the past, as well as folk wisdom answer in various colorful ways, each invariable saying “don’t.”

Is that it? Can that be the answer? But what happens when you have large numbers of people believing in madness? Throwing out hard verifiable fact in favor of the group insanity? Are we destined to continuously repeat history, over and over and over?

Perhaps. And if that is true, then it takes the joy out of being human. It counters so much of what makes being human miraculous. It forces one that has any level of higher understanding to pull back in solitude.

You won’t see adults arguing with children saying “nuh uh” to the “can to!” So in the same way, the enlightened mind will not argue with those that are incapable of debating something, or unwilling for any reason.

Signed, Somebody that too often is ashamed to be human


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