Anti Inspiration

You suck. You can’t do whatever it is you do, even with all the hard work in the world. You just never will reach those lofty goals.

I bet you read lots of inspirational stuff, uplifting musing, do your morning yoga and have a bran muffin. Pozitive thoughts, kindness and all that jazz, so why are you still in that same cubicle? Or Why are you still living in the basement at mom’s place?

I’ll tell you why. Because YOU SUCK! Not everyone can be a success story. Those greats must step on countless bodies, and dozens of heads to reach the top. And look around you. If you’re surrounded by idiots and nobodies, guess what. You’re one of them!

We can’t all be winners. Trophies for all! There is one truth in that. Everyone is just as good, in as they are all equally bad. Again, in case you forgot, because your brain simply can’t get it. YOU SUCK!

Tired of hearing YOU SUCK? Maybe one more time, no?

If you are getting pissed off at me, congratulations! It isn’t too late for you. You still have the animal drive, to compete, to capacity to hardness anger.

But don’t squander that angry energy on protests, because while they’re out yelling about this and that, the true winners go on and reach the top.

So again. YOU SUCK!

What are you going to do about it. Eff tomorrow, I mean today!?

Signed, Somebody that kicks people in the rear hard, affectionately.

P.S. If you got so angry and went out in the world and did something great…you’re welcome!


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