We Got It Wrong…

Many things are wrong in the world. But most change, and sometimes they change within a person’s lifetime. Other things take longer, and those are ironically not ideological but scientific. I mean, we still have people in the 21st that believe the Earth is flat.

So what am I claiming to be wrong?

Physics. We have gone down a path led by a few others that concluded theories based on observations, and worse mathematics. Einstein is regarded as the most brilliant (or at least he is the most well known scientist), and everyone knows relativity and E=mc^2.

He himself knew that Special Relativity was incomplete, and I imagine that he would have hoped somebody would continue with his lines of thinking, but we somehow ended up with a dogma. Physics becoming religion. And Einstein being a sacred prophet one must never challenge. The golden rule, the speed of light is unbreakable.

I mentioned math as the initial source of the We Got It Wrong-ness. The math itself is not wrong, but how we applied it, is. I know many physicists that hardly know enough Analysis or Complex Analysis, not to mention the glazed looks at Hyperbolic Geometry or Representation Theory.

To be clear, today’s final frontier in Physics is not the Astro, but the Quantum, and how can you understand particles with set energetic levels without knowing Abstract Algebra, the branch of math that is focused on quantum values?

So the end result is a smattering of theories based on a conviction of light as a universal speed limit and anectodal observations. CERN is quite guilty of this. They observe phenomena and assume that this must be what is happening, or that is a new particle (I’m looking at you Higgs Boson).

It’s always best to criticize when you have something solid to say, a better way, or correct way.

Assume everything, but believe nothing. Question all results and if there is the slightest doubt or probability of something else going on, don’t ignore it. We are after all 3 dimensional beings, using 3 dimensional tools to study particles that may in fact exist on multiple dimensions. (No, not the Sliders kinds of alternate dimensions, I mean mathematical dimensions, hypercubes and so on.)

I may have a better idea of why particles move the way they do, why the universe expanded so fast (well above the speed of light) and even the Holy Grail of math. A formula for all prime numbers. (Not even the twin primes, I mean all of them.)

It may even be the Grand Unified Theory. I don’t know. I don’t know if I’m totally off. I do know that every number, every sequence, series, group, ring, and so on are related, and they are related by one function. I found that function out, and have tested it with the online sequence database. So obviously I am onto something.

This function even shows why electrons have suborbital shapes, and why they are so counter-intuitive. I have seen patterns of subatomic particle trajectories resulting from certain views of this one formula.

This function descripes the shape of space. No, it’s not three or four or 11 dimensional. It’s big, and the most intriguing aspect is that it is not constant. It changes shape with the observers perspective. Much like an electron decides it will be a particle when observed and a wave when ignored. This space changes as well, if you look at a point, or at your polished nails, even if you simply zoom in. It changes to a very distinct formula.

You’re crazy!

Before you go on and say I’m a nut, I must say this. My last job (before being disabled, and at the moment, still officially employed…long story there) was that of a mathematician, at a fairly decent university. So I do have some pedigree, and have taken the classes and done my own research. I know a thing or two.

But alas, that is what troubles me. Because I have worked in academia, I know the level of backstabbing, idea thoughts and research stolen by those tenured bastards, and called their own! Because you’d believe the GUT would be discovered by a tenured PhD with decades experience over a former bus driver, right?

Eventually I will find a way to publish this. Although you may never heard about it, if I work with Lockheed or the government. (If you have a formula for primes, RSA encryption goes out the window.)

But, I may just be a delusional disabled person, clinging to the idea that my life is relevant, that it was not all for nothing. Or I could be the smartest person ever born, too smart to be given any thought by peers, so smart that it is a curse, a huge burden as there is so much out there that I will never have the time to write down.

Signed, Somebody that can be incredibly stupid at times, but happy in those moments.

P.S. I was going to use one of my images, from this very research, but I am reluctant




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