Do we really need more sluts?

This post might be best suited for a few centuries back and baring a time machine and access to Gutenberg’s press, today will have to do.

Actually, today this might be even more relevant.

Puritanism died a while back (except in some distorted form in islam) where acts where punished harshly. And by punish, I mean punishing the one who had lost said purity.

We’re talking about sex, just to be clear.

Today, we don’t punish, in fact, we celebrate it and flaunt it as a badge of honor. Some women have been known to organize in “slut walks” or parade in micr0 mini skirts to affirm the concept of ownership and agency over their own bodies. (I wont go into any abortion aspects, that’s a different soup).

We have come a long way since the suffragettes, but somewhere along the times, we forgot something. Cart in front of the horse? The horse is a mile behind and dead. Baby and the bathwater? The baby was never born. Women today have the same rights, earn the same pay for the same work (with exceptions on both sides of that scale) and thanks to a bad economy both the man and woman of a household have to work just to stay afloat.

There are two points I want to address.

1 – What do men find attractive.

Sure, not all women will care, but most women do. And sex usually involves a partner, preferably one that’s a living being. As such, attraction plays a huge role. We all have different tastes, but the same mechanics are involved.

Men tend to go for younger women. It’s biology. Goes back to procreating, that biological imperative that all life on this planet shares. Make babies! Over time humans have reached enough of a population to justify monogamy. It really is the best type of relationship overall but it was a luxury. Not all animals could afford to wait during gestation periods. So the males went around and got busy with other females.

That same biology is what made sex pleasurable. Puritans fight this, but they can’t change this, as much as the “sluts” will change men. People like sex. We’re programmed to. And it makes sense that we would seek out this pleasurable act and try to intensify it.

That’s the hotdog and the hallway. (I KNOW you heard that expression). Biology isn’t fair or equal or anything. Does anyone think nature cares about females of a species feeling slighted? It could be worse. We could be at the bottom of the food chain. Back to the hotdog. So men have the fortune of not wearing out their penis during sexual activities. It doesn’t get smaller or thinner or anything else like that. In fact some believe it gets larger, like any muscle being worked out.

Women on the other hand do experience a physiological change with increased sexual activity, as well as age. Again, not fair, but nature wants babies, and lots and healthy babies, which are easier for a younger female than an older one.  Men are attracted to those types of women, because it feels better as far as sex. Tighter in this context is better.

Are you blushing yet? Actually that’s good if you are. If you’re foaming at the mouth with rage or offense…oh well.

So we can understand why humans have certain drives. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that old men should leave their wives for younger woman. I shouldn’t need to say this, but being with somebody for a lifetime is the greatest thing a couple can do. And at that point, other factors increase the pleasure, intimacy, bond, love etc. It becomes his hallway, and it becomes her hotdog.

2 – The other point is bragging about sex. Men brag about how many women they’ve slept with. Most likely its exaggerated. If men say they slept with x amount, divide that be three and that’s the real number, and women multiply by three. Another saying I’m sure you heard.

So purity in this sense comes in the form of sexual naivete, in women. It’s not fair, but then again it’s not fair that men don’t usually get swept off their feet. There are exceptions, even with today’s men not being men anymore, which let’s face it, drives most women nuts. Not in the good way.

So men want a pure woman, one they can start from scratch and do whatever, and live happily ever after. Men don’t suffer from a lack of purity because men aren’t judged by the same things. Men should be confident, strong, etc etc, because it’s what woman for the most part respond to. That kind of confidence often comes from sex. Not always, but many many times. Sure, ideally, I’d say that the boy gains confidence elsewhere and is pure as well for that wedding night, but usually boys turn into men through sex or war…and war sometimes takes away more than just boyhood.

Some women are angry, offended, and…you can add whatever other word might describe them, and in the end you get slut walks. I’m trying to understand the reasoning, but I think that by slutting it up and being vocal about it, they hope to change society to a point where purity isn’t sexual. Or maybe if they use a form of peer pressure, all girls slut it up and then men have no choice because all women are sluts.

What I don’t get, is that despite their claim that they like sex and they want to slut it up as often as men have sex, it damages them. Hell, even men aren’t immune. From diseases, to angry husbands and other things, men can get more than they bargain for by being man-whores.

Here comes the car analogy. Women want ownership of their bodies, yet they act like teenagers with pop’s car. They drive it hard, bang it up, then sneak back in the driveway, coasting with the engine cut…actually, nowadays they’d be blaring the horn and saying “Hey pop, look what I did to your car.”

So take ownership. That means taking care of your body. It applies to men too. Do some crunches, or some push-ups. Women, stop acting like street walkers. Innocence in a woman is the most alluring and intoxicating trait for a man. Men, put the beer down and act like a man in the action movies you love.

My point, is ownership and leadership come with responsibilities. You take care of things that you own, because they’re yours. The same with your partner, regardless of sex. The same with your own body. Sex is a violent act, elevated heart rate, profuse sweating, convulsing muscles, strain on ligaments…and that’s just regular ole love making.

I personally think puritans got it all wrong and for the wrong reasons. Purity though is another matter. You do it for yourself, and for your partner. Because it’s not just about the plumbing down there, but a way to act, and eventually be. A man will never cheat on a girl like that. Why would he, when he has that at home?

Since this is the 21st century I have to say this. (We have became way too dumb sometimes). Being a pure girl, that acts girly doesn’t mean being barefoot and pregnant. In fact the strongest people I know are the shy soft spoken girls that refuse to let other women tell them how to dress and act, yet they still go out there and get advanced degrees, then work their way to the top. Men do it, with aggression and lots of sweat. Those girls pull it off looking dainty and delicate the whole way.

If you are a slut, go right ahead, just don’t tell others to be sluts. If you are a pure girl, then you don’t need to hear it, but you still like hearing it, the world is proud of you.

Oh, and if you aren’t pretty (yes, not everyone is pretty. Deal with it!) for the love of all that is holy, stop wearing micro minis. There’s a whole walmart website dedicated to you…

Signed, somebody that doesn’t care about a few hurt feelies.

P.S. If you are disabled, it sucks. It’s why we got to work that much more to woo somebody, but it’s possible.


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