Living Thoughts

Every thought you have changes. They are born, struck by inspiration, grow in complexity, evolve and even change with time and more information. They never remain static. They go on, sometimes living in others, other times…

…they die.

Sure, some thoughts deserve to die. Prejudice is one. Not because it’s bad per se. I like rear wheel drive cars, for example. I learned that from others before me. All performance cars are rear driven, right? That is an example of a harmless one. There are others that are malefic. Racism, hatred, envy, are emotions that give birth to prejudicial thought. Or more accurately, they are thoughts from others, living on in us.

Other thoughts are born within us. Beautiful ideas, even if not original, to us they are new, and our minds are their mothers. And we care for them, nourish them with our time and energy and they flourish.

And we share them with others, and that thought lives happily in others. Many of such thoughts can be immortal. Plato’s thoughts will live for as long as sentient life exists. Although I claimed a thought like prejudice should die based on it being adopted without thought.

So maybe it’s unchanging thought that should die? I read Plato and his initial thought will change with me, evolve and grow. Like any living being. Right? Maybe that is the difference.

I am just avoiding the most difficult thought. Pun intended.

What about all those thoughts we have, that never get a chance to thrive. When you lay your head to rest each night, before you drift off to sleep, do you get thoughts? Ideas popping in your head right before…

What happens to those thoughts? If you don’t remember the next morning, they are gone. Some of them are never recalled, and they died before they had a chance. Some could be brilliant thoughts, like a child that has the potential, nay, the destiny to become great and immortal. But that destiny is crushed by a simple human failing…we forget.

So we abandon these thoughts, we leave them to die. Poor thoughts. They are living and I feel for them. They are innocent and only want what we all want. A chance to grow, to live, to spur other thoughts, their children so to speak. And explore their realm, traveling via our discussions with others, jumping around, like baby goats on mental fields. And then they could rejoice in reunions with their parent thoughts, close together in books.

But so many of them die…Too many.

This is one thought that shall not die. I would not let it die. As I was readying for bed, it came to me, and I came so close to drifting asleep while I let this thought vanish in oblivion. Close, but…

I save her. She now has the change to be a happy thought, to live and spread. So take her out in the world, and let her give birth to your own thoughts, and let them all live. And if you wish to ensure her baby thoughts, your own thoughts will always have a place to return, to say hello, leave a comment.

This way, they will have this place

A warm home for thoughts.

Signed, Somebody that said no to letting one more thought die.

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