Blogs vs Twitter

Hold that thought.

That one. Yes.

Both blogging and twittering are online but are very different. I know. But in the end, at least for me (a novice with all this stuff) they represented a means to an end. A way to tell the world, “Hey, read this novel. It’s good”

But something strange happened. And a revelation ensued.

Blogging is more akin to an internal monologue. Where the reader is captive, albeit with a weak chain (since you can, oh I don’t know, not read it?). A tweet in its brevity has a higher rate of being read. Like a blog title, you read it before you realize.

So why am I writing about this?

Because of an issue, or even problem. I’m sure many of you have experienced it, or at the very least heard of it. We all know somebody that does this, at times a bit too often. (hint:45)

Here, I write. On Twitter I debate. I have two-way or even more-way conversations. And it gets lively, unfiltered and very raw. I do try to maintain a level of civility (although vulgarity can and does serve as a tool so long as it’s used deliberately and skillfullu).

Gee, I wonder what he could be tweet tweet twittering about?

There was this thing were people voted. It happened last year. No, not American Idol (is that still around?), but something that polarized many. And I have not been immune to it. I have argued, debated, argued again, you name it. So big whoop, who cares, right?

Here’s the thing. Observing both forms of internet communication rationally, I am left with a question. Why do I have 16 followers here (I think that’s how many) versus nearly 1000 on Twitter, when both accounts are nearly the same age?

Is it a solidarity of politics? Is it casual following? Is my writing good as long as it’s under 120 letters?

In any case, I am at a loss. I wish I had the luxury of simply writing and let some agent deal with publicity or whatnot. No, this isn’t an invitation for some online agent to tell me they will “guarantee sales”…for a nominal fee of course.

Maybe longer posts, require longer time to ferment. Like an old pickle jar that explodes after being left in the fridge for over a year, (Don’t ask), maybe my blog needs some time before it blows up.

Sure, it would help it my book hit the shelves already, but I am a perfectionist, so editing took a while, and now I’m fine tuning my cover. (Oh no, an author doing their own cover!). Trust me, it’s worth the wait. Not just for the cover (but seriously, it is professional grade! No, not a GMC!), but for the novel itself.

Politics are ephemeral, and blogs or tweets eventually will be logged on some hard drive in some server farm collecting digital dust, but writing a novel, writing a GOOD novel is eternal.

Signed, Somebody that wants you to follow me already!

P.S. The picture is a Blue Bird FE Bus (Former Air Force base shuttle), its blue and a bird…like twitter , and the b*log(e^1/b) written on the side is one. Get it?


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