Fake it till you make it

You’ve heard this many times. But what does it mean? Does it mean lying stealing and cheating until you become legitimate? Getting that job with fibs on a resume until you prove you are indispensable?


I’m talking about other things, more internal, more personal. Sure, it can apply to many things, but ultimately success depends on one thing, a quality that is a must for any form of success.


Unfortunately, we too often draw an equals between confidence and arrogance. Although even arrogance is simple confidence that bothers one that refuses to see ones own short comings. I still have trouble with that, or should I say, I used to. Being injured has a way of forcing you to accept limitations.

But confidence simply means knowing something. Knowing it absolutely with no doubt. Is an electron arrogant that it will be attracted to a proton? Is the Moon arrogant that it knows it swells the oceans with the tide? No, but they are confidence if they were sentient.

But just like the universe, we need to build confidence. The only way to do that is to “fake it”. You choose a path, and stick to it. Act it out. Sure you may feel like a fraud but a funny thing happens after a while. The act no longer is an act, and after a few successes you earn that confidence.

Unfortunately, this day an age, we see this as competitive and something bad. No wonder there is little success out there, at least for us plebes. But things must change, if we are to survive. Without confidence we would not have evolved as the dominant species. Or from a religious view point, God would not have made us in his image, and instead we might have octopuses building sky scrapers.

Why am I writing this? I know who I am, and what I am. What I aspire and drive for. I write this for somebody in particular. That one person out there that might read this, and feel a kick start, and decide that today is the day that they will…

My hope is that more people will feel that, and rather than follow the path set forth by others, they will put on their hard hat, and crank up the bolldozer and plow their way through.

After all, originality and creativity is a violent, destructive process. But from those ashes, I am confident that the phoenix of greatness shall arise.

Signed, Somebody confident this post will be read by at least 1.3 people


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