Bullying and its Lessons

Brace for it.

I am against anti bullying laws. Especially online bullying. I can’t even fathom the concept. How can anyone harm you when all you have to do is…log off.

Take note that this isnt the same as conveying an actual threat, that you would report to the police and lock the threat up. No, I’m talking about name calling, mocking, etc.

But let’s go back to old school bullying. Noogies, wedgies, swirlies, beat downs in the school yard and so on.

I was bullied a lot when I was in school. I went to school overseas, and I stood out. How I walked, talked, to the clothes I wore, it was little details that kids pick up on. Those kids picked up on, and picked ON me. Most was verbal that I could simply ignore, some was violent.

How can you be against anti-bullying then?

Simple. Without bullying, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I wouldn’t have learned many crucial lessons in life, about life.

Lesson 1 – How to fight. It may seem pointless, but I learned how to defend myself, or sometimes how to be the initiator, in a preemptive strike. I learned how to take down a leader when faced against a mob of older kids. I learned to fight dirty, hitting in the nose or groin are no-nos in school yard fighting. At least back then they were. At least at a certain level of fighting.

Lesson 2 – It’s ok to run sometimes. I recall being chased by 20 or so kids, all 5th graders. I was 6th grade and bigger and stronger than any one of them, or even any three at at time. But 20? I ran. Tactical retreat. Another time I fought back against a 20 something thug in class. He hit me first and I went to town. Unfortunately he was in a gang. So by the time class was over, him and 1o of his buddies were watiing, armed with chains, swords and guns. Post 89 Eastern Europe…Again, I ran, and lived on the edge a bit. But it leads me to the next lesson I learned.

Lesson 3 – Fight your own battles, but seek allies, and worst case scenario, use the nuclear option. In this case, I had to call local police. You had to bribe them and luckily this gang was a low level gaggles of street thugs, so a setup, with me being the bate was enough to get them into a brawl with the police. That was the last I heard from those guys.

Lesson 4 – Honor. Many times, I fought dirty, but when I was fighting a bully that was about my size, one on one, I fought fair. Usually it was a case of picking until I had enough and talked back, a shove, a push then the blows. The odd thing, that after the fight, with both of us exhausted and bloody we laughed and would become bugs. Not best friends mind you, but the kind that you sit at the same table in a bar and have a few beers with.

Lesson 5 – Sometimes it’s not worth fighting over. You know the saying, sticks and stones? Right? Words are meaningless. They don’t bother me anymore. Another saying comes to mind. Call me anything you want, except late for dinner. So being picked on and called names only made me grow thick skin. That is a good quality to have. Something we need more of today.

Lesson 6 – It prepped me for real life. Real life is brutal. It’s unfair. It’s dirty. You have to deal with it. You can’t cry to mommy or daddy anymore. Sure, you can go to the government (and boy does this generation love doing that today) but government is the biggest bully of all. No thank you. So you deal with things on your own. Even more so if you decide to join the military. Words never hurt, bullets do. If you are debilitated by words, what will an IED to do you? Toughen up already!

Lesson 7 – As long as bullying doesn’t maim a kid, it’s beneficial. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So for children, you watch but let them learn these lessons on their own. If things get out of hand, you can intervene, but the lesson itself, of all these teachings from above wrapped into this one topic is crucial in a child’s development. Animals go through this as well, a gauntlet of survival. Granted nobody wants children to fight for their lives literally but we do want to prepare them, and teach them as much as we can.

These are lessons that we rob children of. The same with competition and hard work. Earn the trophy, sweat hard for that thing you want. Sure, sometimes you will work and in the end you have nothing. But most times you will earn, and know that it is YOURS.

The moment we take away these lessons…what am I saying. We already have. Everyone gets a trophy, kids don’t work during the summer to get their first car and bullying constitutes pointing a finger gun. All this ensures that children never grow up, and become totally reliant on some parental government to offer them what they need to live.

The next steps are already coming. We don’t even need sex to procreate so it’s just a matter of time before the government steps in and tells us to have test tube babies because…whatever B.S. reason, and you can’t even do that anymore. Being human comes with challenges, and struggles. WIthout them, there’s no point in doing anything. Why bother climbing that mountain, why bother flying test airplanes, why bother going to the moon? Just live happy and safe and sheltered.

Being happy and sheltered from danger and pain also shelters on from success and glory.

Signed, Somebody that has fought hard for everything, and still fights to this day.


P.S. Another great thing about bullying? When you turn the tables on the bully and kick their asses. That feels great.

P.P.S. The bully in the photo is a pit bull, some of the most affectionate, loyal and misjudged dogs. So, beat up human bullies and give dog bullies good homes! Don’t chain them up like that!


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