Merry Christmas

I thought of posting on Christmas day, but you know what? No.

I have a small family. My mother and myself. That’s it. But that doesn’t mean I have time to spare. I don’t know how many more years I may have, so I enjoy these moments. Cursing at the tangled tree lights, dropping that old glass globe, burning the meat for some spaghetti.

Then there’s the cooking together and creating a new desert that came out great. Sitting together and looking over old photos, talking and listening to Christmas carols. The good.

This was a Christmas in a long time that both of us felt hope, and felt the meaning of the holiday itself. It’s not about presents, or joy for the sake of joy. It’s about the birth of a man that changed the world.

Even if you don’t believe, Christ was on person that affected a global change. Even if you don’t believe in any religion, Christianity has shaped the moral code of the world, at least the western civilization. That is my civilization, and I am proud of it.

Am I a Christian? I was born and raised going to church, doing all the things a good Christian does. Then I went through a rebelling phase. I actually think that politics played a role and I was pulled away from those believes for some ulterior motive.

In the end, I still have lost that faith. But as opposed to before, I still consider myself to be a Christian, albeit a sinner. I am a sinner. So be it. If I go to hell, again, so be it.

Why all this now? Because Christmas is a Christian holiday. Perverting it to be about anything but the birth of Christ is cheating. At the very least one thought should be devoted to what happened two thousand years ago. There are many things I buck against as far as the philosophy of Christ, turning the other cheek, loving thy neighbor…meh.

But one single man changing the world. That is massive. That is relevant. And that is something that should not be forgotten.

Signed, Somebody that says Merry Christmas.


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