Metal Pencil & Scifi II


It’s Sunday, and here’s MPS2!

So I’m supposed to do the spiel with the three topics linking them up in a nice package, and I’ll make that attempt, but no guarantees. Let’s see how this works out, shall we?

Metal. We know a lot about metal. It’s strong, and for the longest time we thought it was the strongest material known. Carbon fiber and other composites are taking metal’s place now, from cars to airplanes. Simple then, right? Metal is what it is, and we know it too well. We know where it can be used, and were it cannot be used anymore.

North American XB-70 Valkyrie during construction

The pencil, similar to metal was once a mighty tool. It was used to jot down calculations to send rockets to the moon, it was used to draw blueprints for massive structures that still shape out skylines. It was unstoppable, until today. When was the last time you sharpened a pencil?

XB-70 Blueprints (reproduction, not originals)

Scifi? What could possible link scifi to this line of thought? Scifi has been a vessel to convey ideas about society, and where it was heading. What would be, how things would be, based on current truths.


How can truth be different today than truth yesterday? We used to think metal was the strongest material, pencils were the ultimate tool to create buildings and spaceships, and scifi was about those metal starships. Today scifi is more steam powered airships with wizzards ruling the world.

So truth changes, and the moment we get near understanding it, it changes. Right?

No. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’d say absolute truth, but there is just one. Truth. That’s it. No emotional truth, no religious truth, just truth.

Just because out knowledge changes, doesnt alter truth’s existence. One plus one is still two and always will be true. Even when you ask a baby and the baby says three, it doesnt change that truth.

Politics are covered in lies and deception but still, there is one truth. What really happened.

Religion is shrouded is mistery but again, one truth. What really took place.

Science is confused based on politics and feeble minded scientist. But the universe was create in one way, and one way alone. All other theories will be false.

So, how can we know this truth. Why do I care?

If you ask that question, stop right here. Just go on living your life with your established beliefs. But it you want to achieve more, like the first humans that mastered over nature and looked around curiously and asked all those why’s, the read on.

The first step is understanding the system under which truth operates. Logic. Logic isn’t some silly Vulcan concept that eliminates feeling. Emotions have truth and follow as much a pattern as anything else in the world. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t have psychologists, and shrinks etc etc.

True versus False, understanding those qualities, and how they relate to each other, Boolean relations, tables, seem complex, but they aren’t. Humans are logical creatures. We determine truth based on what we see and experience. We have that ability to step back and observe.

So do that. Put anger aside, fear, offense, and any other feeling that logically will want to protect the psyche and accept the truth. Or at the very least deny the False. We create structures of lies as a means of protection. If we were strong, and faces those matters our own minds wouldn’t need to lie to ourselves.

Once we make those steps, we can start observing the world much differently. That’s when the truth beckons to be discovered. Yes, I am metaphoric and wrap this concept in nice pretty words, but that is the emotional aspect to finding the truth. That joy.


Your favorite politician won/lost a race based on certain claims. Either campaign promises or leaked stories. The may or may not be Truth. But rather than try to make the T/F question, where you cannot have all the facts to create a logic tree, look at other matters.

That politician that won/lost can trace the root cause to X statement. In case for the winning politician, other promises Y, Z made were kept. That we know. We can see at our level. Y, Z are True statements. After that, statement X becomes more a matter of probability, leaning towards True as far as intent. Later is will be determined, or not if politics are as usual and things become so hidden and shrouded in other lies.

The politician that lost was due to statement A leaked by some news outlet. We may not even know if statement A is Truth or False, but based on events B, C which we know as Truth already, we make another statistical analysis in our minds. We conclude that A is true, which translates to most likely true/high probability of truth is Logic.

The problem is that we know logic well, we know probability and statistics well, instinctually. The problem is language that falls short. We don’t always express it well to ourselves, let alone to others.

So “Metal is the strongest known material (1955)”, “the pencil is the ultimate tool in architecture, now (1978)” and “Scifi is about starships and aliens today (1984)” become Truth. Our minds assume the temporal quantifier, but we don’t always express it, and there is were the problem occurs.

Things are binary, black/white, T/F and have always been that way. Gray issues are just out lack of understanding or expressing them, and sometimes even looking too far out and confusing gray for a multitude of black/white questions, which turn to gray. Logic seems cold, computer like, but computers don’t argue. They will do the best they can based on programming. And that is our problem as humans. We all get programmed, educated, indoctrinated. And until an individual becomes their own programmer, they cannot begin the journey to know Truth.

Signed, Somebody that has been their own programmer for a while now, despite the cost

P.S. I really love the XB-70. It has been a huge influence in my own starship designs. More on that later.


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