Stop Lumping Us With…

What do dragons and black holes have in common? How about wizzards and FTL fighter craft? C’mon, what about Connan the Barbarian and an android?

No, they’re not punchlines to some corny joke. They are all part of the world of “Sci-fi & Fantasy”

Literally Fantasy can be anything, but you wont see My Little Pony erotica fan-fic put on the same shelf. I do appologize for that clopping image. But seriously, you write, and it’s going to be imagination, flight of fancy, fantasy. Unless it’s a FOIA paper from the FBI. Oh who am I kidding, that’s fantasy too.

We use words. Like tree, those branchy leafy things made of wood that grow outside. There’s a scientific term for it (insert your imagination of some latin name). But tree can mean something in math too, or logic…so let’s choose something specific, with one meaning. Carburetor. Yup, a device that (again, won’t bore you with the details) makes older cars go vroom vroom.

So we set conventions, and use those conventions to convey conventional thoughts. (By now you should be used to my blogging. Totally idiotic and non reflective of my novel writing.)

So Fantasy are books, movies, comics in a certain genre.Magic, dragons, Grif’s sister are part of that genre.

Science Fiction starships, androids, alien beings, intergalactic war and Grif’s sister.

So why lump it together? I have nothing against fantasy. I enjoy a nice fantasy movie. (I admit, the books less so because I will get…err, bored.) I was never into comics either, but I don’t think they’re stupid. No more stupid than aliens with green skin, right?

But, I am frustrated, which eventually cooks into not liking when I look for a good sci fi book, or movie and all I find are damned hobbits! Some mix the two genres, like Star Wars. But I want a Firefly, or a Starship Troopers (book, although the movie will do too) or a Space Odysee!

I get that there is so little hard scifi out there, that they lump us in. But the problem is, there IS scifi out there. Most of it is selfpub, and let’s not kid outselves. Most of it is pork-rump. The good stuff gets lost in space.

So, my point is….

What I’m trying to say is…

Ok, bottom line….

You know. There’s no point to this, other than to bitch about it, and for you folks to nod approvingly. Or to throw spaghetti at the monitor, because you hated it soooo much, and love fantasy so much, that you had to go out for a smoke and left your three-year-old alone with Chef Boyardee.

I guess it could be worse. It could be Sci-fi and Miscellaneous.

Signed, Somebody that’s an alien android AI of hobbit wizzards from Narnia


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