Problems with Tech

I really wanted to start a weekly posting, but the title screwed it all up. Some of you’ve been there before. You make this cool main graphic, but the title plasters right on top.

So no big deal, you leave the title blank, right? Apparently blank titles don’t get published, and when you change it later, it stays the same. So I’m going to try to delete and post again.

More errors with updating my profile. It gets really tiring dealing with all the nonsense. More proof that exposure is not equal. The big tech giants guard the gates. And they are worse than any old publisher. It’s back to feudal times, and we’re the lowly peasants, camped out in mud huts outside the palace walls.

Oh, and guess what. The internet is now regulated by the U.N. basically a dictatorship that purports itself a democratic organization, that only tells countries what to do. Some countries, because when was the last time U.N. took action against China, a communist country with human rights violations up the wazoo? Is there such a thing as less than never?’s called helping them.

But all this is the reason why we are stuck in this rut. No progress, no new technology, no living like the Jetsons. Instead we’re enslaved and we buy our own collors, all those devices to keep us in check.

Signed, Somebody tired of wearing the collar.


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