Metal Pencil & Scifi 1.01


I’m starting a new sub web log…subblog…slog? As some of you may know I was in the hospital. It’s not my first time facing death in an ER or for my old work, so meh. No big deal. I’m back home though, and slowly making my way back to normal.

So I decided to channel some of my thoughts, and instead of random ramblings (which will still occur, sorry to disappoint!) I will follow a pattern. Three ideas that are dear to me, inspired by life online and off:

Metal-from the music to the machinery.

Pencil-anything written or drawn, or simply to pick in ones ear.

Scifi-well…I’ll let you guess that one.

Metal. Most see it as something loud and annoying. Others see it as a counterculture movement to the hippies in the 60s. Some see the classical influence, the music Mozart would be playing if he was alive today. Others see all of the above plus a binding glue. Marx tried to unite the proletariat, against nationality or borders and yadda yadda yadda (You can tell I’m suuuuch a big fan).

Metal transcends everything, into a brotherly bond. Sisterly too, but let’s face it, it’s been a guy thing. Although Doro might beg to differ and would kick my ass. A true metal gal that doesn’t sing about love or broken hearts. All we are…is metal.

Back to the glue. We still have our nationality, our love for country and flag, and we may fight other metal-heads in wars, but we still have the brotherhood, the code, and the honor.

And humility, believe it or not. Metal is about power, but about truth too. Manowar tours so many countries, and they sing some songs in the native languages. Not perfect, but they make that effort, because they know that without fans they would be just a bar band.

Manowar-Kings of Metal 2014, re-recording of the ’88 classic

So if men are into metal, what do girls do? Sure, some are into metal, and are tough as nails. But others are not. And metal-heads don’t expect that. Japan is a big consumer of heavy metal. Japan is also the place where kawaii is a thing.

That’s the segue into pencils and I’m sticking with it. From animé leading up to the current kawaii (literally cute in Japanese), gender roles are into a hyper-drive of traditional. Femininity and naïve girlishness are promoted. It may not be sincere for some, and merely a fashion gimmick, but it allows those pure hearted girls to be who they are. Even at 50 a woman can still be a playful innocent girl, and deserves to be who she is.

There is no shame in that, regardless of what some might say. There is no shame in being a strong man that winks or stares deep into the eyes of such a girl. And there is no shame in the two getting together, her blushing and twirling her hair, him sweeping her off her feet, protecting her, loving her…okay, and occasionally ravishing her.

Image I found, credited to Tumblr user Peperroun. I just think she’s cute

It’s a natural order. It’s not mandatory. Some have their own paths and drives. But for many it’s yearning. Weakness and frailty is a gift, a beauty that begs to be protected by the powerful, justifying the strength of those with balls of steel and backbone of granite.

Sure, it sounds funny today, only because it’s been stigmatized as archaic and therefore bad. But old is not always bad. In fact, old can be great. Read some Orwell or Asimov and you’ll know. Listen to some Bach or Alice Cooper and you’ll know. Look at space travel today and you’ll know.

We still use rockets…ancient tech. Sure some land upright, but really, that’s as useful and impressive as a unicycle cop. The Saturn V was power that you felt in your groin (and chest cavity when it launched) but the Rockwell shuttle was scifi.

It was nuts. Rockets, a massive fuel tank, and a winged spacecraft. It blasted off in a fireball of ancient strength, and flew back down with the skill of technology and innovation.

STS-27 Atlantis, Dec 2, 1988, Classified DoD mission

But we chucked it. I could go on a long rant of why we didn’t just build new shuttles to replace the old ones, or how politics crushed the program. But the problem is this generation. Our generation, because we’re all in it, all living in it. (If you’re reading this I sincerely hope you’re living.)

We forgot that progress isn’t getting rid of the old, but using it, seeing the perfection of its refined simplicity. Getting all of its potential to the last drop, until the new leap comes along. But guess what, when we have anti-gravity shuttles zipping us to Edison-Wright orbital station to catch the 5:15 AmTrek space train to the Alpha-Centauri Iron Maiden Cryo-concert, we will still have gruff men listening to metal, and we will still have pretty innocent girls that dream of being whisked away and loved by them.

Signed, Somebody with the brute strength of an SRB and the gentle caress of a cheek

P.S. I republished this from scratch to fix a title problem. I want the thumbnail to look good but I don’t want the title text to be plastered on top of the main graphics. Rather than add a plug-in and complicate, I’m adding the featured image in the body of the post, at the begining.


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