My Gun is Bigger than Yours

Super Star Battleship, Bismarck class, with 3 meter caliber plasma torpedoes, quantum phased pulse cannons, and dark matter particle beams. It has multi-dimensional shields that phase the hull in and out of space-time. It can reach M33 in 2 hours, its so fast.

And it’s 132 miles long!


Really? I did talk about starships before. But every now and again I look over some of the designs in science fiction. Books, TV, movies and they are ridiculous. Why not slap a saddle on a White Hypergiant and call it a day?

Don’t get me wrong, everyone has said “mine’s bigger than yours” at some point about somethings. I say it a lot with my car. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to get a stretch limo just so it’s the biggest. Or somehow find some crazy prototype of a 45ft sedan.

Weapons are exaggerated badly in many universes. I don’t want to go into details, but Star Trek is very guilty of this, with their tri cobalt “devices”, why not just call them magic?

I’m being overly critical, and joking somewhat. I was going to post about one of my characters. A shy feminine (more girly child like) girl, but timing isn’t right on that one.

So of course from a girly character my mind went to, supernovae sized star mines. Kaboom!

Society is changing. Many thought we would be some sort of mono cultural mix, with whatever visions of social stuff…I don’t know. I’d need 1/2 cup koolaid 2tsp crack and a firm shaking not stirred noggin.

Society is changing. Some may call it regression, but I see it as a reaffirming of certain beliefs that propelled advances. It’s been on the horizon. This change is like those warp cores. They power up and they can either become unstable and go nova, or they can settle in a nice hum with boundless power.

Either way, it reflects in stories and imagination. Big, extremes, superlatives. From starships, to space stations, even regimes. Many if not most being dystopian and extreme…

We are waiting for the next big thing to break the ice, break the mold, blow lids off…whatever. That is where the bigness is coming from. Not starships, or regimes, or aliens, or even space itself.

It’s the next big leap, and it’s going to be…BIG

Signed, Somebody feeling mighty BIG


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