How to, Advice, No Thanks

So everyone that has written a sentence in the digital era has come across a web log or article offering some form of advice. From how to punctuate to how to create plots, to how to drink your coffee when writing.

The one thing they all seem to share is that I never heard of any of those authors.

That in itself isn’t bad. It takes time to make it up there, in the well known circle. But when the advice takes on that tone, well, then it turns weird.

When I write, I do this, and I think everyone should write this way. Because it works so well for me.

Like the Bulldozer post, everyone has their individual path. Advice is pointless then. We’re not talking on how to do something that everyone does the same way, like how to boil an egg. Then advice is great.

But doing things that are supposedly unique can’t have givable advice. I write by the seat of my pants. I don’t have plot outlines. Later on I plug those up. Why? I could say that it helps the charaters grow in a consistent manner, not based on the reader’s need for info. So no odd dialogue. But ultimately, its what works for me.

I write mostly in omniscient third person unlimited. Works for me.

I write with heavy metal playing. Works for me.

I write without pants on. Woks for me.

So what’s the point of me using that tone, that if I do it, then so should you!

We do this to validate our own choices, because if somebody else does it our way, then we’re not crazy or stupid. Great for cable plans, less so for writing styles.

It’s why I don’t offer advice. Not on writing. If you’re trying to parallel park a 40 foot bus in Port Authority Bus Terminal, sure. If you’re tuning a big block Ford, most definitely. But writing no.

Instead, I can write something that is enjoyable to both the reader, as well as the authors out there.

So there you have it. Enjoy and everyone should do what I do and not give writing advice (I couldnt help it)

Signed, Somebody that really should get back to editing.


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