Steel Grate Ceiling

So things are working again, and as I left the comment to my R.I.P web log I wont go into that again.

I’m back, so cue the AC/DC

I have been looking around, and something occurred to me. With the internat gone over to the wonderful U.N. people (add heavy sarcasm, with a dash of bile after taste) and net neutrality gone, and big corps taking over every and all means of reaching out online, what are we left with?

Yahoo was great…once. It was simple, and instant. They removed the instant aspect, added a million ads to the email so now messaging a person, or emailing them is a hassle. Scratch that off the list (I wonder if AOL is still around)

Google searches based on who can afford SEO and keyword stuff. I have searched for very specific things (think part number) and when I get ads for Chinese tools or other related things, but no car part, it makes me wonder. Oh, I do find it….on page 15. So scratch them (Plus they steal all your info and use it against you in the court of google)

Facebook…do I REALLY need to say whats wrong there?

Twitter censors things based on politics. I thought they were so proud about supporting dissidents speak against oppressive regimes? I guess only in counties they have some interest in. Wow, I thought they hated what the CIA did. Turns out they have become the CIA.

Even here, I had issues. Not able to comment, heavy lag. So one could call me paranoid, but as a mathematician, I see the function, and it has a nice limit. lim(F(speech))=0 where F is function of freedom, and variable goes well, its closer than infinity, much closer than you think.

So where does one breakthrough? Where can one get their good idea be known? The monopoly in universities for science, and communications to the big “tech” corps, means that we’re in the age of idea and thought slavery.

So, there’s that ceiling. This one isn’t glass, and it’s covering all of us. Us thought slaves. And we’re not breaking it, not opening it (a giant google garbage truck is parked on top of it, get it, we’re in the sewer)

Oh, one other place.

There’s the dark web, (and big surprise banks wanna get in with Bitcoin) but the only reason that place and the digital currency and the anonymous uncontrolled communication exists isn’t for freedom of speech, it’s for pedophiles, drug runners and the scum of the world. So that last bastion of free speach is…pedophilia, murder, drug, salve trade and things I hope you never have to see. (Seriously, don’t go on the dark web)

I can’t really follow after that image. Makes me feel that humanity doesn’t deserve art, thought, but instead maybe a good Asia-sized meteor. Does God take returns if we lost the receipt for our humanity?

Signed, Somebody that would love to take out these criminals, and wallow with the guilt after.


4 thoughts on “Steel Grate Ceiling

  1. Whenever I consider these things, I wonder when we will see the return of “Sneakernet”? In some regards, I think the anime “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” is right. Soon the only things that will have true value are those things that are tangible in 4 dimensions. Length, width, height and time, while all else will no longer be trusted.

    But will information ever be able to be trusted when it can be edited in real time before our eyes? How soon till outsiders start editing our memories… or have they already begun to do that?

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    1. Interesting. I was young the first time, in the shower and I wondered if I was alive prior to that moment and if my memories were real. Many philosophers asked that question, but personally, I consider tangible objects to be real, and as long as memory, possession, and some math (you can tell something is straight or curved etc) then it is real. IE trust your senses only.


    1. I can’t honestly trust the news, much less blogs and editorials. Although I don’t see an issue with many of those things claimed there, I know others will.
      The world is in chaos more than it was in 89. I was in a communist country, as a foreigner of a different faith, and boy did they watch me. I was young and oblivious, and not once did I have an issue. I had to wait more in line at airports and at the police station (for various needs, accident reports, passport etc)
      Today we have digital registries. So the article uses a confrontational tone (also insulting, ie draconian) claiming that Muslims would be targeted.
      The reality is far worse. Google is its name. They have a registry for all of us, with files and profiles that go beyond anything the CIA ever had.
      That is the problem, but when media is corporate owned, any sniffing in that direction would have to be diverted. By hook or by crook they say.


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