So, I was hoping to make more of this, but since I cannot view any comments, or any notifications, this has been reduced to talking to myself.

I like writing, but in this colloquial style, having conversations where I know there is a reply but cannot read it becomes beyond frustrating.

So, I’m pulling the plug. I may post a link to my new location, where I will try to migrate what I have written so far, but in any case,

Goodbye wordpress….

Signed, a disappointed, frustrated user.



P.S. I dont have plug ins (is that like my battery charger?) or other gimmicks. I just have whatever this site offered from day one. I searched and this isnt a software problem on my end. I have given way too much effort to reach the conclusion that this isnt the right place for me.


One thought on “RIP

  1. So things are working again, but my momentum has gone down to zero. If not for my utter hatred of the digital, I would have left. I wouldnt know where to go anyway. So call this strike one, and a definite pause on dumping money into this blog. Let’s see how many potholes are on this road.


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