Good Enough

I was thinking about something. Looking over the stats of this web log, I can’t help but see a downward trend. Not exactly the outcome I was hoping for. But at the same time, not unexpected.

I live outside my own time. There is a reason for it, I didn’t travel in a literal time machine, but I did live in a time closer to the 50s or 60s that anything else. Simplicity was the norm.

Simplicity as in, when you took away as much as you could, you were left with perfection, simple. Efficiency was measured based on how well, and how quickly x performed y task, not how many tasks can x perform, regardless of how well.

This is our time. Just look at this website and how many times it lags, crashes, not doing what it is supposed to do. Why? Because, it’s good enough. Windows blue screen of death? Well, it only happens a few times–Good Enough. Cell phone dropping calls 12% of the time–Good Enough.

But, Windows has fancy animations and looks like a “device”, Cell phones can tell you the temperature of your farts, your fridge can display porno flicks. It’s only a matter of time before Boeing releases the 7i7 that automatically links with all your “devices” and updates all your “apps” instantly, for all passengers! Hip hip hurray. But structural failure occurs 84.5% quicker than a 30 year old 737–Good Enough.

I’m not a computer programmer. In fact there is one thing, ONE thing in the world that drives me to absolute mind exploding rage, punching holes through walls, and having 20 simultaneous aneurisms-computers. Programmers suffer from Good Enough, not caring because they’ll add that patch in the next version.

And why do I even care? Because I have to. I cannot focus on the simplicity of writing. No. I have to have an online presence. I can do this web logging until I’m blue in the face, I use to teach, so standing in front of 150 kids, and talking for 3 hours, no problem.

But reaching viewers, adding widgets, code, and all this other stuff, is beyond my grasp. Sure, I can learn Good Enough, but then what? I dedicate time for that? No my editing work is Good Enough, and my upcoming novel is Good Enough. And next thing you know, I’m just Good Enough.

No, thank you. It’s perfection of death for me.

Signed, a seriously grumpy perfectionist that hates base(2).


One thought on “Good Enough

  1. Talk about timing…I cant even reply to any other comments, because the site is lagging. Hours. How can anyone work with that? I may just move to another site, or…start using flyers stapled to trees and poles. Far more reliable.


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