Writer Segregation

So, I have asked this in other places, only to get either irrational responses, or total ignorance.

Can a writer (or any artist for that matter) have a different conviction, political, social, morality based, etc, and still writer anything other than political pieces?

Has the word “conservative” became a bad word in the world or writing? Is that the game over before the starting whistle? I have come across the irrational and wide-eye-opening insults out of the blue, and while they don’t bother me personally, they  bug me on a social level. (Personally, you can call me anything but late to dinner)

Do people not see that the very behavior they abhor, is the exact behavior they employ? Cyber-bullying to me seemed like a non isssue. But then again, I log off and have a real life, where I do things…under the sun, in the snow, or out and about.

But this is the exact tactic the people that call for less bullying use! Of course to date I haven’t been able to ask one of these individuals about it, since they drop their bombs and fly away. I guess I was raised wrong that when you are confronted with an aggressor you stand up and fight back. I was bullied, but by the end of many a school year, I had those bastards carrying my books. Literally. They were beaten that bad.

But back to the point. Writing. Has a line been drawn? Restoring cars, or racing them is on the right, and writing on the left? I suppose that wouldnt surprise me considering my experiences with graduate schools, where social unrest is rewarded with credits, and brilliance is condemned (if not kept around so the tenured vultures can steal research papers and claim them as their own).

I have lived in many countries, under several types of government, so I consider myself open minded. And I have made a choice, based on those experiences. Maybe a few of other peoples experiences as well, such as friends of mine, relatives like my uncle, that spent jail in political prisons for saying things like “so and so” sucks.

Back to writing again. This is the boomerang post, keep throwing it to writing, keeps coming back to politics.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, that I am a real person, and will treat all others as real people, including those I sorely disagree with. It is their right. As this is mine.

But, will it affect my career as a writer?

Signed, somebody that’s tired of walking around eggshells for conservative beliefs.


4 thoughts on “Writer Segregation

  1. You can write anything you want, but the trick is to do it without bombast, proselytizing, or twisting the truth. Fiction may be more effective than nonfiction if you can tell a story that shows real people’s lives and how their beliefs affect them and others. Fiction can more easily bypass the true believers, part of whose belief system is that they have the right to bully anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

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  2. I don’t focus much on these messages in my writing. I am vocal in certain media and in person about politics and such, but in writing, I romanticize the higher questions, about humanity as a concept, where it ends, where it begins.
    I have a paragraph of two where I mock a few politicians, always namelessly, and sometimes even made up as far as the character, but for comedic relief. Like a president focused on re-election when the world is being attacked by aliens. It’s the ridiculous ad absurdum.
    But my concerns are of the censorship, and the issue I wrote about above, that because of things outside of my novel, I will be glossed over. I can’t change that, it’s just frustrating. Make’s me wish I lived about 100 years ago.


  3. Write anyway you desire. Your fans, and you have no control over who they are, will support you. But the publishing industry, like all media, is anti-conservative in the broad strokes. It is because everything became politics to the left in the 1960’s and the best way to push an agenda is to control the language and the conversation. What has shocked them to their core now, is that there are artists out there who are not leftists and so have decided to issue a jihad… a crusade… a search and destroy against anything that violates their orthodoxy and supremacy.

    Somewhere Santayana is laughing at the hypocrisy inherent in all of us. So believeth this pseudo-intellectual. ;c)

    BTW, I discovered your blog purely because your name was cool, and liked what I found beyond that.

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    1. I am a conservative, and I welcome debates and other thoughts so long as they remain debates. Too often I was called names and other nonsense. Religion is another hot button issue. I lost my faith, but I still hold traditions dearly. And I have the defender complex, as in taking the side of those harmed. And right now, some people are harmed more, despite their churches histories. Note: Religion isn’t Church. Politics and God don’t get along well. But this is a topic I could right a book about (I liked that misspell, because its on the right…get it lol)


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