Judge a book by its cover, not a blog

I’m not swimming in tons of dough. I already noticed some really fancy looking blogs, using pay for plans or not. While it doesn’t seem like a lot to somebody that knows what they’re doing, for me…

So there’s another hint. I’m poor. I’m proud of this. Why? Because despite the fact that my bank account has 3 digits on a good day, I still live with enough material things. I have managed to keep a car collection going with virtually nothing. Nothing but skill and hard work that is.

You remember what that is, right? That thing that hurts and makes you sweat but always makes you smile. I do that, or did before this flesh-bag decided to quit on me. Otherwise I wouldn’t be writing for a living or more importantly, I wouldn’t be publishing in my lifetime.

So if you read my first post…Ok, go back and read it. I’ll wait…

Back, good! You’ll realize I’m a bit older than what I imagine is the typical blog dweller, or even author of the self published kind. I’ve had enough experience in life and with people, both good people and the scum of the earth. I’ve heard all the reasons for success, and the blames for failure. And I used this, I’ve learned and it helped me despite being dealt a crappy hand.

I’ve learned and in the end, I used all of this in what I write. I use it to create interesting stories, that will suprise, without having “twists” that make your brian vomit neurons. I use this to create characters you can like, or hate, or sometimes both. Good and bad arent always judged by a white or black hat.

So, don’t judge my novels based on the look of this web log. I had to give my very last push to be able to get it out there. If this fails, then I failed. And I’m on the street. Most definitely, positively, without metaphor, literally.

In other words. YOU BETTER BUY MY BOOK! Because you will love it, and you want to read the next one, to see what happens to your favorite character.

Above you’ll see one of the “characters” in the book. I used some of my knowledge tearing that car apart and putting her back together to come up with a solution to a problem I had within the plot. Problem solves, thanks to some retroy engineering, and being too poor to pay a mechanic to do it.

So, follow me. Because I’m not telling you the name of the novel yet. Nope. You’re just gonna have to wait. Like with birthdays, they only come around once a year!


Your new favorite author!


2 thoughts on “Judge a book by its cover, not a blog

  1. A good blog (or plot) is like a classic car. When you first buy the thing it looks like junk. Nobody see’s the potential but you. So you start tinkering with it. As you can, when you can you touch it up and add a little finish. The longer you work at it, the better it will look. Just as someone fixing up their first car will look to others for advice and inspiration feel free to check out veteran bloggers. Who is doing what you like? How? Who isn’t? Why? A new blog should not be judged by its cover but if someone is a few years in and they still look like crap… judge away.

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    1. I always loved the car metaphores. Yeah, although I still dont judge if a car is still a little rough looking. You never know what hardships a person goes through. In fact, I tend to respect those cars that are a little tathered despite health or money issues a person has. Yet they dont give up, they dont sell their old car. It’s easy when you have the cash to throw at it. It does apply here too but less so. The blog at least for me, doesnt put a smile on my face when I get in, and start it up lol.

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