Why do you blog?

Simple question.

Why do you blog?

Is it promote your upcoming bestseller? Your band’s next hit single? Your debut in…some obscure weird fusion performance art? Or do you blog because you like it, and do it for the sake of web-logging?

Or doya’ wanna make a da dough? I’m curious, so add a comment. I promise it will be cool when everyone knows my name and crappy movies are made from my awesome novels. (I’ll promise that I’ll try to get any movie deal signed where I’m creative directive with abosulte veto powers! And no J.J. Abrams. EVER)

So I blog because I’m a a sci-fi writer. So I want to sell some books. But that’s not my end goal. I want to make money to continue some research. Maybe even life long enough until I’m standing on the bridge of a warp capable starship. It’s no more crazy that a bunch of dudes dropping out of college and creating this box that does all sorts of calculations…


So let’s hear it! Don’t be shy. I dont’ bite*


*Disclaimer author of this post will not engage in any biting activities with readers, author not responsible for nano-thought-bots biting, professional thinker on open circuit, attempt at own risk


3 thoughts on “Why do you blog?

  1. I blog because I enjoy it — usually. Also to promote my books — when I get around to finishing and publishing. To share the knowledge I’ve picked up over the years, and to let off some steam now and then. Have been at it for years, but beginning to wind down as old age takes its cut of the energy and ambition.

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  2. My blog is just about my only promotional effort, and since I don’t promote it, it’s not much of a promotional effort. In a year and a half I’ve had about 3,000 page views total. That should set a nice low bar for you to exceed.

    I use my blog to provide contact information, background information on my stories, plus maps, lists of characters, sketches, etc. that would go in the front of a paper book, but are awkward in an ebook. I have a link at the beginning of the ebook to the appropriate blog page, and they can download and print any pages they want to. I also use it to announce new, improved editions, as well as upcoming books. Every once and a while I post an article relating to my experience or thoughts on self-publishing and ebooks.

    I can take this lackadaisical approach because I’m giving my books away rather than trying to sell them. I like writing them – and writing the books I like writing – and hate all the other stuff you have to do to try to make money writing. I don’t think I’m leaving any significant money on the table by giving my books away. And even if I wanted to eventually sell them, it’s a cheap and easy way of building an audience for your work – especially if you hate self-promotion like I do.

    Best of luck with your books. Don’t let my cynicism about the prospects of earning money writing SF discourage you.

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    1. Many people feel the same as you do. I dont like the logistics of writing, much rather doing the…well, writing part. Unfortunately, I NEED to earn some money. Im disabled now, with zero income. Borrowing money only goes so far, so this is as much as sink or swim moment as any for me.


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