Tone of voice

I have been posting a bit much. It is my first day. I will be slowing down to a more regular format, once I get past the “playing around” phase. I wanted to say something funny or witty, but that’s when it hit me.

My writing tone in a blog is totally different that in any of my novels. Why?

I write with a serious tone, with humorous bits here and there, albeit my tone is more colloquial. My characters are the ones that inject humor, jokes where as the narrator keeps some decorum.

My blogging is…well, take a look for yourself. See, I just started in this paragraph. Its offbeat. I’ll plug in a joke or just something odd (pancreatic puma teeth! Betcha that made your neurons twitch). Why?

Is it because Im picturing myself talking in front of an audience? I don’t think so. I’m not goofy in person. Maybe it’s the inner voice that’s goofy?

Back to a serious tone now, I’ve had a pretty miserable life as a human. Lots of catastrophic events.So I tend to be quiet, more calculated. My inner writer? That’s probably my side that wants to laugh and enjoy life, the part that’s also too stupid to know to shut up and be serious. Stubborn. The inner five-year-old.

Do you find yourselves doing this too?

(P.S. my serious side would frown if nobody comments, this blogging side of me would just go on and post another)



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