Tips, Tricks and a Bulldozer

Everyone posts all their tips and tricks, top 10 rules for writing, 5 steps to be a best-seller. So, how come there aren’t all these super famous and successful authors running around? Where are they? Where did all this success go?

You look closer, and these lists tips and tricks are written by people that aren’t even published. So why don’t they use those “secret” tips?


I’m asking a question. Answer me, Internet!

Nothing. So many tried and they get nowhere with these tips. Don’t get me started on punctuation rules. Chicago style rules. Well, I like New York pizza, so deep dish and Chicago style can stay…in Chicago. Chicago. Just because I kept saying Chigaco…Chicago…

Seriously. If you want to break out, do anything BUT those tips. Marketing only goes so far. You can wrap a turd in fancy wrappers, and awesome boxes. Hell, people might buy a few, but once they open it. They see a turd. And the word (and smells)…it stinks

Yeah, no period above. I’m a maverick (read that in Sarah Palin’s voice)

The idea is that rules are just guides. If everyone is a “Asimov-ian_ or “Card-ian” or elicits their inner Heinlein or Herbert then you’re becoming a knock-off. The fake Gucci purse, or the Canal St Armani suit with threads loose.

The hell with that, and the hell with rules. My advice, is brute force. It’s what I am going to do. Bulldozer marketing!

I have my own rules, and they make sense, to most readers. Those that have PhDs in English, well, for them it might drive them nuts, but I can live without those book sales, right?

The best part, this is MY path. My bulldozer. You can get your own bulldozer (in case its not clear, bulldozer is your style, your rules, your artistry). You bulldoze that way, I bulldoze this way. And if our bulldozers got the guts, the fuel for it, then, BAM!

Success. no…SUCCESS!!! now they pave a super higher behind your bulldozed path, and other authors will be called (insert your name)-ian.

If you fail though…well, thats the price of victory. I know failure. Been frenemies for a while. But it just means I havent pointed my bulldozer in the right direction. Man I love saying that word. Bulldozer.



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