Star Trek RIP

I was going to put an image up but why? Why bother. With such a topic…

By the way SPOILER ALERT ahead. (Not that you can spoil something already rotten)

So I saw the last Star Trek (the third new one, beyond or something) and my review is simple.

Shatner was a supperb actor, director!

I watched Star Trek V, the one with “God” and it was my least favorite, yet, it blew the new one out of the water. Subtle acting, great raport between characters, a decent enough plot, culminating with a nice ending. Row row row your boat…

The new one…just blew. Nobody acted like their characters. Offers of promition to high positions when they’re in their early 30s? Come on. Then the plot holes. Why do that when you can do this, type thing. Or uniforms magically changing from scene to scene. Or technology that’s old and contradicts things from Star Trek Enterprise, which is after the timeline shift. That was the idea with the new ones, right? (We all know that it was just what we told ourselves to make it more palatable, these new ones suck)

So, it’s basically Star Wars. Even the sound effect of the ships is from Star Wars. So things blow up, things go pew pew and a massive ship crashing on top of buildings.

Oh, and a “death star” thing. Even with scenes of flying inside it and scraping the hull.

And the worst part, is that these movies are some of the highest grossing movies. Maybe even the highest, not sure. Still, that tells me a lot of the sci-fi expectations. People don’t want to think, they want to see CGI up the wazoo, things explode, and thousands of people dying.

No wonder they lump sci-fi with fantasy and horror.


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