Put on your digital collar

So is anonymity online become a commodity for just the rich? I’m still stuck in a mindset of not signing up for social this or that, or putting pictures of strangers to gawk at. I also don’t speak computer so what are us poor humans to do?

Smart phones, cars with onstar, watches, gravatars, everything is geared to track you like you’re an animal in the wild. So who’s the “civilized” hunter tagging you?

“But you’re still tagged, and tracked and marketed to” is the reply is get all to often. Well, a phone isn’t much good is it’s still home, and my car doesn’t have transistors.

This is what I really don’t get. People will even take photos of what they eat, just so some facebook or google people watcher can tag that and sent you an add when they have a sale on panini or whatever people eat today. (Btw, panini means bread. Its not fancy. Just a word)

Every day we do this kind of crap, and it reflects in media and creative arts. Have you seen a new sci-fi lately that talks about this overlording? (Yes, I create my own words! Deal with it!). But skin color or allegories galore about races and equality. Yes, we must have equality among tagged specimens. Can’t have a wild human run amok, can we.

Makes me wonder about things, and what I write. Makes me wonder who will read my work, or better yet, what they will understand if they do?

Call AAA and jump start those noggins!


3 thoughts on “Put on your digital collar

  1. My digital collar is very thin. No social networking, no smart phone, and I leave the dumb phone home. I use an ad blocker and have consequently been blocked from several news sites. Too bad for them. There are plenty of fish in that pond. Welcome to the land of digital resisters — not luddites, just people who refuse to be swallowed up in other people’s swamps.

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    1. Right on! I admit I have a smart thing, but they stopped making my old flip phone! I am here, and the twitter thing, but no names given, etc etc. They still know me by IP address. But their adds are useless on somebody that’s broke lol.


      1. The only thing I use my phone for is texts, and the occasional call. I’d like to switch to a smart phone, just for the keyboard. Have no use for all the other fancy features, but tapping out a message on the dumbie is a real pain. But it’s low priority, financially.


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