Disclaimer…but it’s fun! I pinky-swear

So, instead of listing a boring copyright dealie phrase or…uhm, disclaimer (awesome writing bro) I’m going to post this:

Everything I write is my own. If I quote it, I’ll give the credit, where credit is due. (Sorry no APA or Chicago style here). I tend to be wordy in writing and talking, but arent all professors that way? (Ooops, feigns shock there’s a hint about this whatever his or her name is!)

Images will be of my own creation. Some posts will be blank. I know a purdy piture gets the clicks, but I’m bucking against that. I’d rather have just one person genuinely interested in commenting, and starting a productive exchange, than a mindless gushing or…the internet insult (my world is shatter, oh lord, oh god…is this coming across as a monotonous fake concern tone in writing?)

Back to disclaimer dealie. So I do my own graphics and purdy pitures, unless I mention them clearly! The same goes with music or animations. Yes, I play, compose my own music, and the same with cartoons. Made those too.

“But..but, you said you’re a writer. Now you say you’re an artist and a cartoonist and a musician too?”

I can add more to that list but not now. Don’t want to come off as bragging. ( I am the greatest though, and really modest too!). I am either the beginning of the American RenaissanceĀ  or the end of a dream of folly.

So that’s that. So far there might not be much posted, but gimme a break, it’s my first day, and computers are most definitely not on that list


The BEST writer/musician/artist/(pick a thing then add -er or -ist) in the quadrant!


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